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The HR I.Q. Test: November ’14

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in HR Management,Human Resources

1. Federal law says employers must give workers how much time off to vote on Election Day?

   a.  At least two hours

   b.  At least one hour

   c.  No federal law on the issue exists, but some states do have laws


2. What’s the No. 1 safety violation spotted by OSHA inspectors in fiscal year 2014?

   a. Failure to erect fall protections

   b. Failure to prevent respiratory ailments

   c. Electrical wiring hazards


3. What’s the No. 1 answer when CEOs were asked to finish this sentence? “I would never hire someone who _____.”

   a. Doesn’t make eye contact

   b. Can’t communicate in writing

   c. Hasn’t researched my business before interviewing


4. A new government rule last month will streamline federal contractors’ reporting requirements when hiring:

   a. Minorities

   b. Veterans

   c. Disabled workers


5. What percentage of employees say they aspire to hold a leadership position in the workplace?

   a. 34%  

   b. 54%  

   c. 74%


6. How small must employers be to be completely exempt from OSHA’s injury record-keeping rules?

   a. 50 employees or fewer

   b. 20 employees or fewer

   c. 10 employees or fewer


Sources: 1.; 2. OSHA;  3. Inc. magazine survey; 4. DOL VETS-4212 Report; 5. survey; 6. OSHA.


Answers:  1. c  2. a  3. c  4. b  5. a  6. c

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