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4 Rumors About Windows 8/8.1 (and why they are untrue!)

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It’s horrible and nothing works on it.

Actually it boots up within 10 seconds and shuts down just as fast. All of my applications run just fine on it and much, Windows 8much faster than they used to. To shut it down, click the power button in the upper right corner of your Start screen. Like shortcuts? Windows key, U, U works well. Plus, you can work with it exactly how you worked with Windows 7. Really! Read on …

It only works well with touchscreen devices.

Nonsense! I use Windows 8.1 all day long on a laptop in a traditional way with a mouse and keyboard. Occasionally, I use my laptop in its convertible tablet mode as a touchscreen device. Where you swipe with a touch screen, you scroll with a mouse or arrow with a keyboard. Where you tap and hold with a touch screen, you right click with a keyboard. So if you’re used to right clicking icons and buttons, right clicking tiles should be pretty easy.

They changed the desktop!

Not really. The desktop functions pretty much the way the Windows 7 desktop did and similarly to the XP desktop. You canWindows 8 even set your computer to boot up to the desktop rather than the Start screen if you like. From the desktop, task bar (bottom), right click and choose properties. Check the box that says, “When I sign in or close all apps on a screen, go to the desktop instead of Start. Then the only thing that will be different is what happens when you click on the Start button on your desktop. That will take you directly to the Start screen. “Aha!” you say. OK, yes, instead of a list of apps you see them as tiles, but it does exactly the same thing. Click and drag (or touch hold and drag) your most popular application tiles to the left-hand side of the Start screen, so that when you click on your Start button, it will show you what you used to see, your most popular apps. Better yet, if you don’t want to see the Start screen, pin all of your often-used apps (once they’re open) to the Task bar on the desktop. Then you won’t even have to click on the Start button!

I’ll never be able to find anything EVER again!

OK. Breathe. Now, tap the Windows key on your keyboard or press the Windows button at the bottom center of your Windows 8Surface screen. Now, type the first 3 letters of what you wanted (like Exc for Excel, or Pow for PowerPoint). Look on the right! You can either open it by clicking on it or right clicking on it and pinning it to your Start screen, desktop task bar or both. Search is instant and you don’t even have to be clicked in a certain place to use it. Just be on the Start screen. Looking for a specific file? Click the search icon on the top right and click the arrow to the right of the word Everywhere and choose Files. Or simply use File Explorer (the little yellow file folder icon on the desktop task bar or Windows key + E.

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