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Your Office Coach

The moment you must decide who’s boss

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Q: “I supervise a data clerk who is rude and uncooperative. She acts independently, as if I don’t exist, and snaps at me whenever I tell her something. My manager and I have discussed this, but have not been able to come up with a solution. There is just no way to communicate with her. Any suggestions?” Defeated

A: Yes, I have a suggestion, but first I have a question. Exactly who is the boss here? You and your wimpy manager have apparently decided to abdicate your positions and put this insolent clerk in charge.

Any employee who fails to behave professionally must be clearly told what is expected, then held to those expectations. Competent managers do not negotiate bad behavior, so if your ill-mannered data clerk refuses to change, then you simply need to let her go.

Do some of your employees seem to have the upper hand? This might be one reason: Quick Quiz: Are You a Wimpy Manager?

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