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Leadership Tips, Vol. 1214

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in Best-Practices Leadership,Leaders & Managers

Stay humble. British biochemist and two-time Nobel laureate Frederick Sanger was first to figure out the structure of proteins, decode an entire genome, and decipher how to read the human genetic code. Among only four people ever to win two Nobel Prizes, he declined a knighthood, saying he didn’t want to be called “Sir.”

— Adapted from “Frederick Sanger Dies at 95,” Los Angeles Times.

Stay bold. Two American scientists who won a 2013 Nobel Prize say you need to roll the dice to lead. Distinguished scientists advised him “not to bother because it would never work,” says James Rothman of Yale. One of his partners, Randy Schek­­man, UC-Berkeley, advocates being adventurous and willing to gamble on something new.

— Adapted from “Express Shipping,” Sarah C.P. Williams, HHMI Bulletin.

Stay flexible. “Great people are attracted to great visions,” says Sal Khan, founder, Khan Academy. “It’s important to have a sense of what might be possible, but not to be dogmatic about the way something must be done.”

— Adapted from “Lessons, Part 4,” Fast Company.

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