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5 strategies to outsmart your stressors

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in Workplace Communication,Workplace Conflict

Eliminating all sources of stress in our lives is never going to happen, but minimizing their effect is a completely attainable goal. Psychologist and PsyBlog blogger Jeremy Dean offers research-based tips on how to manage the stress in your life.

1.  Know your triggers and reactions. Find out what sets you off and what signs you show when you’re feeling stressed out. Do you get headaches, feel dizzy or experience insomnia? Knowing when you’re stressed or at risk of feeling stressed can help you choose the best coping strategies in a timely manner.

2.  Try more talking and less venting. Instead of venting, talk about your stress with less intensity.

3.  Reframe your stress. Think of stress as the body’s preparation for demanding situations. If you feel stress coming on, remember you can handle whatever situation is coming your way and your body is just readying itself to take action.

4.  Pace yourself. Running around too much will deplete your energy reserves and leave you unable to focus completely on the task at hand, but staying busy enough is necessary to keeping you stimulated. Take breaks from draining tasks to do things you enjoy working on and find easy to complete.

5.  Fight the urge to worry. Worrying about unknowns is the source of much of our anxiety. Set aside a half hour in your day to let your irrational worries out. Write them down, examine them carefully and challenge them with reality.

— Adapted from “5 Science-Backed Tips for Dealing with Stress,” Jessica Stillman, Inc.

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