I can’t believe this is a problem: HR pros describe the strangest issues ever brought to them by employees


Sept. 29, 2014

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I Can’t Believe This is a Problem: HR Pros Describe the Strangest Issues Ever Brought to Them By Employees

Falls Church, Va. — “I can’t believe this is a problem!” That’s what many of Business Management Daily’s HR professional readers said about a recent survey compiling the funny and annoying issues their employees came to their office to ask for assistance with or to complain about.

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This survey was HR pros’ chance to get the silly, unnecessary things their workers have brought to their attention off their chests.

Business Management Daily asked its readers to describe the strangest problems that have ever been brought to them in HR. Here are some of the most outrageous responses that will make you laugh hysterically:

  • “A maintenance man at a property management company was found in possession of some narcotic prescriptions that were not in his name. He grabbed them from his supervisor and said they had been given to him for his fish. He would NEVER take prescriptions that weren’t prescribed for him… really… REALLY they were for the fish…”
  • “There was an employee who insisted that we were putting small amounts of arsenic in our fresh-brewed tea (in our on-site cafeteria) in an effort to poison our employees … she knew this because she felt bad when she drank the tea and the cafeteria worker who brewed the tea smirked at her. Another time there was a mama duck and 10 ducklings trying to cross a very busy intersection next to our building to get to our fountain pond. People on the various floors saw it and thought the ducks would never make it across and would surely die, so called me to rush out and help. What did I do? I rushed out to help, grabbing our security guard, and we stopped traffic so all could safely cross the street. It was met with cheers and applause.”
  • “Employee: ‘Can you make the food truck people charge the same prices to everyone? They charge different people different prices for the same items. And if they won’t do it, can you please get a new food truck?’”

The survey also asked Business Management Daily readers what one line they would add to their employee handbook specifying what purposes HR does not serve their company. Here are a few of the funny responses:

  • “Please be mindful, HR is not here to act as your personal therapist. Our health insurance has excellent mental health coverage.”
  • “Keep the drama for your mama! And she doesn’t work here!”
  • “I am not your personal problem solver. Just because you don’t know what to do, doesn’t mean I’m going to fix it for you.”

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