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While lawsuits may be practically inevitable in today’s litigious society, losing them is not. Use the following 10 rules to prevent the most common employment-related lawsuits—or at least increase your chances of winning them.

1. Conduct thorough background checks on applicants
You can learn a lot by reviewing applicant histories. Have they recently been convicted of crimes involving fraud, dishonesty or violence? While such evidence is not necessarily disqualifying in every case, it can be instrumental in determining whether an applicant is a good fit for your company.

2. Provide accurate and adequate references for ex-employees
Generally, provide neutral references for former employees: confirmation of dates of employment and final wages. Like all rules, this one has exceptions. For example, an employee fired for violently attacking a co-worker may present a future risk. Withholding that information from another empl...(register to read more)

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