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Extend battery life 50% with new app

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in Office Technology,Web Tools

Heavy’s Karen Tumbokon urges Android users to download Battery Doctor, an app guaranteed to extend your Android device’s battery by 50%. Here’s how to use it:

  • Download it at the Play Store.
  • Open and click “diagnose.” The app will say how much power your battery has left.
  • Click “Running Apps” where the apps will be listed. To their right will be a green box to show they’re currently running.
  • Unclick those you want to turn off, click “Clean up now,” and then click “Save Now.”
  • Charge, Mode and Rank are other useful features. Charge shows your battery’s remaining life. Mode lists different options you can select to save battery life. Rank shows how much life each running app is using.

— Adapted from “How to Use the Battery App to Extend the Battery Life of Your Android Phone or Tablet,” Karen Tumbokon, Heavy.

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