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2 weekly emails save you hours at work

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Most admins could cut some wasted time at the office simply by sending their bosses two standard emails a week, says project manager and IT consultant Robbie Abed.

The first message should go out on Monday morning and outline what you plan to do for the week. The second should go out on Friday afternoon and detail what you actually accomplished. This consistent communication will help you manage expectations and give your boss a chance to redirect your priorities, if needed.

The goal of the first email is to manage expectations. Limit yourself to 40 hours of work time and set realistic goals that you can accomplish within those hours. Include a list of projects you know you will finish and those that will not be completed within that week. If you start the week off planning to work 40 hours instead of 50 to 60, your boss will know exactly the output to expect from you by Friday.

On Friday, first write a list of what you’ve completed, then write a second list of items that are still open. Give a status for each open item and ask for any feedback or information you need to complete the task the following week. This email closes the week on a positive note and shows all you contributed. Your boss will appreciate that, and you can feel good about doing your job well without going into overtime.

— Adapted from “How to Go From Working 60 Hours a Week to 40 By Sending 2 Emails a Week,” Robbie Abed, LinkedIn.

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