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A to Zzzz: Energize your staff by allowing power naps

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in Centerpiece,Compensation and Benefits,Human Resources

businessman nappingYahoo CEO Marissa Mayer committed a gaffe this summer that she might not have tolerated from any of her staff. At an ad-industry festival in France, she arrived two hours late to a dinner with important advertisers. Reason: She was napping.

The Twittersphere was unforgiving with quips, parodies and tongue-in-cheek tips for how the 39-year-old corporate superstar might stay awake for future meetings.

Receiving little mention in the ensuing media storm was the fact that Mayer travels with her 18-month-old son, may have been jetlagged and kept up a packed schedule of meetings and presentations until she fell asleep and missed dinner.

If she still worked at Google, where she was a long-time executive, her nap might have raised fewer eye­­brows: The company’s Cali­for­­nia headquarters features “napping pods”—comfy recliners with light-blocking hoods where weary Googlers can doze.

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