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The HR I.Q. Test: September ’14

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in HR Management,Human Resources

1. What are the size requirements for federal workplace posters?

  a. At least 8½” by 11” for all posters

  b. OSHA poster must be 8½” by 14”; others must be “easily readable”

  c. All wage-related posters must be at least 8½” by 11”; others must be “readable”


2. The EEOC issued updated guidelines over the summer that expand legal job protections for:

  a. Pregnant employees

  b. Disabled employees

  c. Teen employees


3. Employers say the most common lies they catch on résumés relate to:

  a. Academic degrees

  b. Dates of employment

  c. Embellished skill set


4. Nearly half (49%) of Americans say they’ve experienced a “major stressful event” in the past 12 months. What are the top two stressors, in order?

  a. Problems at work, illness/disease

  b. Relationship problems, problems at work

  c. Illness/disease, death of a loved one.


5. COBRA requires employers to offer continuing group health benefits to employees. The federal law applies to employers with:

  a. 15 or more employees

  b. 20 or more employees

  c. 50 or more employees


6. What percentage of U.S. employees say they need to earn $100,000 or more to “feel successful”?

  a. 23%  

  b. 35%  

  c. 49%


Sources: 1. Department of Labor; 2. EEOC; 3. CareerBuilder.com survey; 4. Harvard School of Public Health; 5. Department of Labor; 6. CareerBuilder.com survey.


Answers:  1. b  2. a  3. c  4. c  5. b  6. a

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