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Turn up volume on ‘no music piracy at work’ message

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It's a fact that many employers are just now coming to realize: Hip-hopping employees downloading tunes from the Internet can expose your organization to legal problems, not to mention sapping your computer resources, opening your system to viruses and dragging down productivity.

If just one employee downloads songs, movies, video games or other software onto your computer system without permission, that constitutes copyright infringement. And when workers swap music files with other employees or friends over the Internet, the legal risks multiply.

Music industry targets employers

The latest crackdown: In late January, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) filed suit against 532 people, accusing them of large-scale copyright infringement for illegally downloading and trading music online. That represents the RIAA's third round of lawsuits against suspected file-sharers (and its largest number of s...(register to read more)

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