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Leadership Tips, Vol. 914

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in Best-Practices Leadership,Leaders & Managers

Cut yourself a break. Your worst de­­cision will never beat Lehman Brothers’ bet on subprime mortgages and Napo­­leon’s sale of the Louisiana territory for 63 cents an acre (in today’s cents).

 — Adapted from “What Was the Worst Business Decision Ever Made?The Atlantic.

Stop the mumbo-jumbo. If you’ve been fed a steady diet of business talk, get John Fielden’s 1964 classic What Do You Mean I Can’t Write?

— Adapted from “Watch What You Say!” James Krohe Jr., The Conference Board Review.

Don’t sacrifice quality. California brewery Sierra Nevada uses whole cone hops instead of pellets. The pellets are easier to store and last longer, founder Ken Grossman concedes, but whole hops taste better.

— Adapted from “The Way I Work,” Ken Grossman as told to Liz Welch, Inc.

How’s your in-house training? Here’s how police chief Dean Esserman sees it: “The first teaching is the teaching that goes on inside the police department, just like doctors teaching doctors inside a hospital.”

— Adapted from “Cops and Docs,” John Buntin, Governing.

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