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Asking for a promotion? Be prepared

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in Career Management,Centerpiece,Workplace Communication

promotionAccording to a LinkedIn study, the best months to ask for a promotion are January, June and July. Despite how nerve-wracking the request can be, asking for a promotion is a great career move when you’re truly ready to move up in the ranks.

Heather Huhman, founder and president of Come Recom­­­mended, suggests taking these steps a month before you decide to pop the question.

•  Boost your faith in your skills. No one should be more convinced of your terrific performance and valuable skills than you are. You’ve got to be your own advocate when asking for a promotion, so quit with the negative self-talk.

•  Take action to stand out. Complete your assignments on time, be a team player, be a leader when necessary and always be on task. Show your boss how dedicated you are to your job, how much you love what you do and that you’re ready for the next step.

•  Get to know the company’s movers and shakers. Having the key players and best employees recognize your work ethic and accomplishments is never a bad idea.

•  Prepare your approach. Once you’ve made the decision to go for it, start prepping for your meeting with your boss. Think of what position you want and how it lines up with your long-term goals with the company. Develop a strong argument that shows your forethought, your value to the company, and your dedication to stay with and benefit it. Be ready to discuss times in the past when you pulled together a project and other examples that illustrate why you’re the right person for a job.

•  Remember timing is key. There are absolutely wrong times to do it, including when your boss is swamped with work, coming up on an important deadline or about to leave for vacation. Also, don’t approach your boss before she leaves for lunch or for the day.

— Adapted from “6 Steps to Securing a Promotion in 30 Days,” Heather Huhman, Glassdoor.

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