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‘Corporate athletes’ understand balance

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in Best-Practices Leadership,Leaders & Managers

Athletes are encouraged to find balance between mind and body to improve their physical performance. Office workers can endeavor to do the same to boost their work performance. More than a decade ago, business performance experts Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz coined the term “corporate athletes” to describe people who do just that.

Here are three types of balance they say you should focus on bringing to your life as you work to become a corporate athlete.

1.  Mind-body balance. Putting your nose to the intellectual grindstone for extended periods of time is just part of the job. It’s important to remember that you need energy for those tasks and energy comes by taking care of your body. Make room for “me” time, eating properly and working exercise into your schedule.

2.  Performance-development balance. Do something that takes off the performance pressure. Even if it’s setting aside 30 minutes to read up on industry developments or listening to language courses during your morning commute.

3.  Exertion-recovery balance. Stress isn’t the enemy of performance. It’s chronic overwork because you’re too worn down to remain resilient against the hectic deadlines and demands of your job. Recovery should be prioritized in order to sustain long-term high performance.

— Adapted from “Work-Life Balance Through Interval Training,” Scott Behson, Harvard Business Review.

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