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Creating better Excel spreadsheets

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in Excel Training,Office Technology

Improve your Microsoft Excel skills and build better spreadsheets with these tips from OfficeTeam.

•  Right-size your boxes. Setting up the height of columns and rows is easy enough. Select the rows you want to change, go to the “Format” menu and select “Row Height.” Then, enter the value you need. The same process applies to “Column Width.”

•  Lock in your headings. Scrolling down a thousand-row document is easier when your headings stay put. Go to the “View” menu then “Freeze Panes” and select “Freeze Top Row.”

•  Get consistent formatting fast by painting. The little paintbrush on your toolbar lets you recreate the formatting you did for a chosen set of cells. Select the area you want formatted, click the paintbrush, and move your cursor into the area you want the format duplicated in.

— Adapted from “Looking at Layout: 6 Excel Tips and Tricks,” OfficeTeam.

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