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Admin Checkup: Take control of your time

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in Career Management,Workplace Communication

Most of us have had periods at work where it seems all we’re doing is putting out fires and dealing with interruptions. But when those occasional periods turn into everyday experience, it can lead quickly to burnout.

Take this quiz and see how well you cope. For each item, rate yourself from 1 (“always false”) to 5 (“always true”):

1.  I try to take crises and interruptions in stride—they’re not unwelcome distractions but part of my job.

2.  I focus on one task or project at a time and avoid interrupting myself.

3.  When people ask me to do things I can’t handle, I have no problem saying no.

4.  When a conversation is going nowhere, I take steps to wrap it up and move on.

5.  I see crises and interruptions as opportunities to solve important problems and show what I can do.

6.  When I can’t avoid being interrupted, I’m good at handling the interruption quickly.

7.  When something blows up, I focus on finding solutions and on...(register to read more)

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