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5 tips to get the most out of employees’ annual evaluations

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in Centerpiece,Leaders & Managers,Performance Reviews

employee ignoring bossPerformance reviews are meant to develop employees to the best of their potential and address problem behaviors in a way that is constructive and professional. But how do you handle a performance review that involves some news employees won’t necessarily welcome?

Change your perspective

Per­­for­­m­­ance reviews can be a daunting managerial task, especially if you work for a company whose human resources department mandates many aspects of the process. But simply changing your perspective on the real purpose of a review can shift its entire feel—regardless of the feedback it entails.

“Many managers view the performance review as a task to accomplish to keep HR off their back,” says Christie Summervill, CEO of BalancedComp, a compensation and performance management consulting firm. She explains that the true intent of performance reviews is to improve performance, and if done effectively and honestly, the feedback probably wo...(register to read more)

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