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Be a better manager instantly–using only a screwdriver

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Robert Lentz

by on
in Leaders & Managers,People Management

There are very few ways to improve as a manager through the use of something you have rolling around that cheap home toolkit your brother-in-law bought you for your birthday, but these simple steps will kick off an improvement project that should hold up through your entire career:

1. Take a screwdriver to the hinges that hold your office door in place. When the door is completely loose from the frame, take it out to the dumpster in the corner of the parking lot and wish it a fond transition to the world beyond this one.

2. Before attempting step #1, call Facilities and have them do this for you instead so you don’t hurt yourself.

That’s all there is to it. Now, such a dramatic endangerment of your office’s security deposit might not be strictly necessary, but make sure you’re aware of the corruption that big hunk of wood might be causing your image. Every inch your door physically swings toward the Stop Right The...(register to read more)

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