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To google or not: Legitimate screening method or privacy breach?

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in Career Management,Employment Background Check,Hiring,Human Resources,Workplace Communication

The popularity of Internet blogs and social networking sites such as MySpace, LinkedIn, Facebook and Friendster is causing confusion and concern for some employers.

The Internet sites allow users to publish personal information and pictures for the world to see. Students, for example, often chronicle their drinking, recreational drug use and sexual exploits (with accompanying embarrassing photographs) for their friends to view. Many don’t seem to realize that potential employers also may view their postings—and what those employers see in cyberspace may keep some students from getting a job in the real world.

At the same time, employers are wary of violating federal and state hiring laws when they come across these incriminating web pages. Is there any harm in using information published on the Internet to screen applicants? At a time when it’s easy to search the web for information on just about anyone, what steps should...(register to read more)

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