80,000 nonemployees download MGM staff’s healthy eating app

MGM Resorts International em­­ployees who want to eat healthy while at work can check their progress on their smartphones. So can lots of others, it turns out.

The hotel and casino chain developed its “Healthy Eating, Healthy You” mobile application to promote healthy living among its employees. The firm also allows non-employees to download the app free—and more than 80,000 have.

Among MGM’s other employee wellness efforts are an annual mam­­mo­­gram awareness campaign and a tobacco cessation program.

Employees also have free access to health and wellness coaches and on-site exercise classes, as well as free healthy lunches.

HR VP Jeff Ellis notes, “The best way to ensure we have a successful company and a healthier community is to provide employees with the tools and resources they need to protect their health.”

Contact: Sonya Padgett of MGM Resorts International, (702) 891-1837.

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