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1-Minute Strategies: August ’14

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in Career Management,Workplace Communication

•  Improve your writing and get to the point with the Heming­way app. The app contains an algorithm that helps you mimic Ernest Hemingway’s sparse writing style to make the language you use in an email or document concise.  

•  Take a walk to get your creative juices flowing. Stanford University researchers found creativity increased by 60% when participants walked instead of sitting down. And walking inside on a treadmill facing a blank wall was just as effective as walking outdoors.  

•  Manage a micromanaging boss with a careful conversation. You’ve noticed your team leader is monitoring every little thing you do, but you’re not sure whether she’s distrustful of everyone, insecure in her position or only micromanaging you. If it’s just you, have a conversation about which parts of your performance makes her uncomfortable.  

•  Stop stress with a bit of laughter. Laughter has been shown to have both mental and physical healing abilities. So next time you’re feeling stressed, take a moment to assess the problem, gather the facts, come to a decision and execute it. Then find the humor in what got you so tense in the first place, suggests Marilyn Tam, author of The Happiness Choice.

•  Survey says U.S. employees don’t trust their employers. About half of U.S. employees say their employers are open and upfront with them, according to a survey by American Psychological Association. Almost a quarter of them say they do not trust their em­­ployers. Researchers believe one reason for the mistrust is that employees don’t feel that they’re getting a share of the benefits of the economic recovery.

•  Make socks your ultimate work accessory. Colorful socks show playfulness and make a great icebreaker or way to connect with others, says Lauren Rothman, author of “Style Bible: What to Wear to Work.” Next time you go to work, make sure you wear a pair of colorful socks to show your creative side.

•  Your morning cup of coffee could help lower your risk of liver cancer. A study presented at the American Asso­­ci­­a­­tion of Cancer Researchers’ annual meeting says people who drank one to three cups of coffee a day had a 29% reduced risk of liver cancer. And the more coffee the better: People who had more than four cups of coffee a day had a 42% reduced risk.

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