The Summer HR Quiz: 10 Questions on Work & the Workforce

It’s the middle of summer … time for some light HR reading. And nothing’s lighter than a quiz.

The Cosmo Quiz it ain’t, but today’s Summer HR Quiz brings you 10 questions on different aspects of work and the workplace. You’ll find the answers below, along with links to read more. Happy Summer!   


1. What do employees say are the top two causes (in order) of their wasted time during the workday?

a. Cell phone use and gossip

b. Nonwork Internet use and social media

MGR Handbook D

c. Gossip and smoke breaks


2. Last month marked the 50th anniversary of what important employment law:

a. Age Discrimination in Employment Act

b. Pregnancy Discrimination Act

c. Civil Rights Act (race, sex, religious bias)


3. Which gender is more likely to report that they experience a “high level” of stress at work?

a. Men

b. Women

c. Both equally


4. Workplace meetings run, on average, 34% shorter when participants …

a. Are not allowed to bring their cellphones

b. Stand up during the meeting

c. Are limited to speaking no more than 100 words


5. A Harvard University study found that people are more likely to cheat or lie at what time of day?

a. Morning

b. Afternoon

c. Night


6. What percentage of U.S. employers say they still prefer to receive applicant résumés via postal mail?

a. 18%

b. 7%

c. 1%


7. Employees and students tend to retain their training better when they:

a. Write down by hand the lessons learned

b. Watch the correct behavior in a video

c. Take their mind to a “happy place” before learning


8. The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is considering whether to make this kind of company policy an “unfair labor practice”:

a. No swearing in the workplace

b. No beards on male employees

c. No use of company email for personal reasons


9. What is the day and time of the week for which U.S. employees most often accept meeting requests?

a. Tuesdays at 2:30 p.m.

b. Wednesdays at 10:30 a.m.

c. Mondays at 1:00 p.m.


10. Friday is the least productive day for employees, according to a survey of HR professionals. What is their most productive?

a. Tuesday

b. Wednesday

c. Thursday



1. a   2. c   3. b   4. b   5. b   6. c   7. a   8. c   9. a   10. a



1. CareerBuilder survey; 2. EEOC; 3. Aon Consulting survey; 4. University of Missouri study; 5. Harvard University study on “Morning Morality Effect”; 6. Society for Human Resource Management; 7. Princeton/University of California study; 8.; 9. survey; 10. Accountemps survey