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Personal tech rules when it comes to wasting time

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in HR Management,Human Resources

American employees are ingenious wasters of time. Sure, we get a lot done at work, but when we need a little downtime during the day, we find many ways to slack off.

A new CareerBuilder.com survey pinpoints personal use of technology as one of the leading causes of wasted time at work. Of some 3,000 employees polled, 24% admitted spending at least one hour out of the typical workday on personal calls, emails or texts. Twenty-one percent estimated that they spend one hour or more per day browsing the Web for nonwork-related purposes.

CareerBuilder also surveyed 2,100 managers and HR pros for the poll. Here’s what they identified as the worst workplace time-sucks:

1. Cellphone/texting: 50%

2. Gossip: 42%

3. Nonwork Internet use: 39%

4. Social media: 38%

5. Snack or smoke breaks: 27%

6. Noise co-workers: 24%

7. Meetings: 23%

8. Email: 23%

9. Co-workers dropping by: 23%

10. Co-workers' speaker phone calls: 10%

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