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Are you an effective mentor?

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employee mentoringBeing asked to be someone’s mentor can be flattering—and perhaps a bit scary. After all, mentoring doesn’t come with set-in-stone guidelines, and each relationship develops its own unique give and take. When considering the prospect, think about these four issues:

1. It isn’t a commitment to be taken lightly

Instead of answering hastily, evaluate your own schedule and interests. If you truly don’t want the position or feel uncomfortable with this particular person, politely declining is kinder than a half-hearted effort.

“Mentoring isn’t for everyone—it takes an investment of time, a commitment to help others, and a lot of patience,” says Lisa Quast, author of Your Career, Your Way!, president of Career Woman Inc., and founder of the Wing to Wing Women’s Mentoring Project. She suggests pondering two questions: Am I ready to be someone’s mentor, and do I have the time available? “Successful mentors need to be comfortable prov...(register to read more)

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