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Leadership Tips, Vol. 714

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Ask for more. With the economy heating up, companies have begun to fret about losing talent. Last year, top performers got raises 75% larger than average performers. Seize this opportunity and ask for a bump in salary.

— Adapted from “Jobs: Boost your career in 2014,” Donna Rosato, Money.

Delegate. Calculate how much your time is worth by the hour, then outsource routine administrative functions to those who will handle them for less.

— Adapted from “Stop Doing That,” Tom Foster, Inc.

Listen for this sour note. Here’s a one-word tipoff to lies and omissions: “actually.”  Never use it, and press for documentation when you hear it. While implying “yes,” the word qualifies or casts doubt on the answer.  

— Adapted from “1 Word That Immediately Kills Your Credibility,” Eric Holtzclaw, Time.

Do your homework. College basketball coach Bobby Knight was renowned for the discipline he demanded, famously saying: “The will to suc­ceed is important, but what’s more important is the will to prepare.”

 — Adapted from Business Leadership and the Lessons from Sport, Hans Westerbeek and Aaron Smith, Palgrave Macmillan.

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