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Away but still connected: Remote access a plus

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in HR Management,Human Resources

U.S. employees are upbeat about using their computers, tablets and smartphones to stay connected to the workplace after hours. Nearly eight in 10 (79%) workers view this as a somewhat or strongly positive development.

How workers feel about staying in touch with work remotely, outside regular working hours:

Slightly more than one-third of employees (36%) say they frequently check their devices for work-related messages or information when they are off duty. Men (40%) are more likely to be frequent after-hours email checkers than women (31%). High earners are about twice as likely as low-wage workers (53% vs. 25%) to say they check personal devices for work-related emails.

Source: Gallup Daily tracking poll, March-April 2014

Advice: Some courts have held that nonexempt employees must be paid if they spend “substantial” amounts of time reading and responding to email during off-duty hours. Consider banning the practice unless you are prepared to compensate nonexempts for their time.

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