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4 statements can kill your meetings

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in Meeting Management,Office Management

To make meetings productive, John Brandon suggests keeping these four statements out of the conversation.

  1. “Let me give you some feedback on that.” This is often a veiled attempt at offering unconstructive criticism. The only time to say this is when you want to share possible solutions.
  2.  “I already sent you an email.” Instead of passive-aggressively telling someone he isn’t great at his job, just summarize what you wrote in the email.
  3. “Let’s find a real expert.” An expert could be great, but great enough to call into question the qualifications and ideas of every one of your colleagues simultaneously? Probably not.
  4.  “Let’s have a follow-up meeting.” Delegate the tasks that need to be delegated and assign those responsible to update everyone else on their statuses.

— Adapted from “8 Things Not to Say in a Meeting,” John Brandon, Inc.

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