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1-Minute Strategies: July ’14

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in Career Management,Workplace Communication

Why every employee needs a “brag folder.” Don’t miss out on an opportunity to advance because you haven’t documented your accomplishments. Keep track of accomplishments as you complete them in a “brag folder,” Kara Beussink writes. Use it to ­collect praise from clients, co-workers and your boss.

Have a super-demanding job? It’s good for you. A study from the University of Michi­­gan In­­sti­tute for Social Re­­search says challenging jobs can benefit your brain later in life. The research found that the more mentally challenging a job is before retirement, the sharper the employee’s mind remains after. The study also says a stimulating hobby outside of work created the same benefits as a challenging job.

Chew away your stress. Japa­­nese researchers may hold a simple, inexpensive solution to stress. Chewing gum for more than 10 minutes affects the endocrine system’s reaction to mental stress, causing a reduction in stress.

Listening to the right music can help you at work. Re­­search has found that choosing music without lyrics or in another language will help your brain spend less time processing the music and more time processing your work.

An easy prescription for productivity: Eat chocolate, get happy. A study that gave participants chocolate as a catalyst to create happiness revealed that happy people work harder. In addition to eating chocolate, researchers found that watching a comedy will produce higher performance on subsequent productivity tasks.

Lost-luggage is one ­airline statistic that’s actually improving. According to IT specialist SITA, the number of delayed and lost pieces luggage decreased 17.2%, to 21.8 million bags worldwide, last year. Airline efforts aimed at cutting the number of delayed and lost pieces of luggage in­­clude a system that ensures luggage with a 45-minute window for flight transfers is offloaded from incoming planes first.


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