Helping People Become More Creative

light bulbQ: How can I promote creativity among my team although they are not creative at all? – Ayten, from Mansourah, Ad Daqahliyah, Egypt

A: Ayten asked her question via my Facebook Fan Page (if you don’t follow me there please do — The short answer to her question is — there are many things. But before any of those things can work, there is something else we must discuss — the connection between belief and creative potential.

One of the commonalities among all highly creative people is that they believe they are creative. The belief itself, along with strategies, techniques, structures and purpose, allow our innate creativity to blossom.

The way the question is framed says that Ayten doesn’t believe that her team is creative. As a leader, we must first believe in our team’s creative potential. This does not mean that we have to have seen that potential play out yet, it just means that we believe it exists, even if it is hidden. Think about it this way … will your personal belief be strengthened or hampered if your supervisor, leader or any other important person in your life doesn’t believe in you?

You know the answer.

Does our belief in others guarantee they will believe in themselves (and their creativity)?


But it is our best first step.

Then we can apply the ideas and strategies in this issue and that we are learning throughout the month. But it must start with belief.

So, your first job, Ayten, (and all of the rest of us), is to consciously look for reasons to believe in your team members’ creative potential. If you haven’t seen it, operate from a place of faith. Let your faith in people show. Tell them you believe they can come up with creative solutions, and you will have taken the first important step toward getting them.