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Make customer service superior

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in Leaders & Managers,Leadership Skills

"It's a fact of business life," writes professional speaker, consultant, and customer-service expert Peggy Morrow (on her web site at www.peggymorrow. com). "To keep your competitive edge, you must be constantly upgrading the quality of the service you offer." That's true regardless of what kind of "customer" you have or what kind of "service" you provide.

Here's some tried and true advice, from Morrow and others, on how to deliver better customer service every day:

Being good to your employees. As a manager, your own employees are your most immediate "customers." Help them excel and feel good about their jobs, and they'll do right by the outside customers on whom your success depends. "If your employees do not feel that they are treated well, then they will treat your customers the same way," Morrow notes.

And in a sweatshop atmosphere where everyone feels overworked and ignored by management, it's hard to tell which employ...(register to read more)

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