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Caring for a newborn team

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in Leaders & Managers,Team Building

A new project gets started, a new division is created, new staff come on board—and voila! A team is born. As with newborn babies, the first weeks of these new teams' lives can be critical for future success. And they can be difficult weeks for team leaders. Here are some pointers for managers:

- Forget what you know. Caring for a newborn—even if not for the first time—is a learning experience. The things that work with one baby don't always work with another. It's the same with teams. The easiest way to delay, or even derail, the crucial process of building a new team is to try to impose expectations or strategies that "worked with the last one."

This is especially true if you or your team members are new to the organization itself, or if you're performing brand-new functions. Instead, focus from the outset on goal-setting, motivation, and cooperation within this team performing these tasks. You'll find, naturally, that your...(register to read more)

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