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Working with naysayers

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in Leaders & Managers,People Management

Anybody who's been a manager for a while has encountered naysayers in the workplace. How do you deal with employees who seem to have negative attitudes about every decision you and your teams make? Here's some expert advice:

- Are you part of the problem? Sometimes, employees adopt a negative attitude because they feel managers and other higher-ups haven't kept them informed or involved, or that the employees' input and valid concerns aren't really taken seriously. It takes time to rebuild trust; it's easier to keep it from being lost in the first place.

When in doubt, communicate too much, rather than too little, with your team members; let them decide what they "need to know" about both routine and extraordinary developments in the workplace. And this works both ways; take the time to listen to your people, even if their ideas won't work or their concerns aren't valid. It's quicker and easier to listen up front than to res...(register to read more)

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