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Manager’s Checkup: Creating healthy workplaces

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Healthy teams are more productive, and managers can support employee health by creating healthy workplaces. How does yours measure up? For each of the following items, assess your team and workplace on a scale of 1 (rarely or never), 2 (sometimes), or 3 (usually or always):

1. People come to work well-rested.

2. Employees are encouraged to recognize and share in each other's successes.

3. We find ways to make work more fun and interesting.

4. Most people want their work to have meaning and purpose.

5. There's a sense of community within the enterprise.

6. We take workplace safety seriously.

7. We have access to good healthy food (and not just junk) at work.

8. Team members are open to change and new ideas.

9. If one of our people needs help, the rest of us will offer it.

10. Senior managers take care of themselves and are in good health.

11. My people stay home if they're sick — and I'll send them home if they don't.

12. We laugh a lot at work.

13. Team members have chances to develop and use their talents.

14. My people remember to say hello to one another.

15. We resolve our differences before they become ongoing conflicts.

16. People get a decent amount of exercise, either on or off the job.

17. It's OK for people to take a little time at work to relax.

18. My team members have defined personal goals they're trying to achieve.

19. We respect and value diversity.

20. The enterprise has taken steps to promote employee wellness.

How well did you do?

Here's what your scores mean: If you scored below 30, you may have already noticed the effects of an unhealthy workplace. Look at ways to actively promote healthier lifestyles, reduce the stress levels, and eliminate specific health and safety risks (like the junk food in the vending machines, or unsafe conditions in the office).

If you scored between 30 and 50, you're in line with a lot of workplaces. But is your team really "average," or did the high and low scores cancel each other out? For example, your people may have healthy lifestyles and attitudes, but the workplace is stressful and competitive. Look for patterns in your responses.

If you scored above 50, congratulations! Your people are likely to stay healthy and productive, and they'll probably support and appreciate efforts to make the workplace even healthier.

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