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It’s not personal, it’s professional

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in Career Management,Workplace Communication

While speaking at a conference for administrative professionals, I enjoyed a conversation with a top-notch executive assistant from a Fortune 500 company.  Imagine my surprise when I asked for her business card and she told me she didn’t have one.

“Doesn’t your company provide cards to everyone?” I asked.

“They’re available at my level,” she said. “I just don’t see the benefit of spending corporate dollars, considering my position.”  

I advised her otherwise, and urged her to order cards as soon as she returned to the office.

When you don’t feel worthy of having business cards, what message are you sending to yourself? Do you view your role as less than other positions in the company? It’s time for a perspective shift. Your contribution is a necessary part of your company’s success. It’s time to stop selling yourself short and recognize your powerful contribution.

And it’s not just personal, it’s professional. What message are you sending to others when you minimize your job to the point where you believe you don’t need a business card? If you justify that attitude because you rarely attend networking events or conferences that require a card, it’s time for another perspective shift. Even if it’s just one opportune moment where you’re handing someone your card, it’s important to come across professionally. Recognize that you are a brand ambassador for your company with every card you share. As such, it’s vital you come across as an important asset.

If you still don’t have a card, it’s time to ask. Approach your supervisor and say, “In order to best represent our organization and myself, I would like to order business cards.”

If for some reason your company declines, go online and order cards yourself that feature your name and email address, at a minimum. It’s a small investment in yourself and your profession.

As for that assistant I connected with at the conference? Imagine my delight when I recently re­­ceived her business card in the mail.

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