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When your team won’t speak up

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in Leaders & Managers,Team Building

Your team is made up of talented people, each of whom can excel individually. But the team's collaboration, decision making, and problem solving aren't what they could be; usually, you end up making the important moves. Why? And what to do about it? Here's some insight from Harvard Management Update:

- Causes for withdrawal. A recent academic study identified six causes team members cited to explain their withdrawal from team discussions and decision making. Some of these are fairly obvious, such as people lacking confidence in their ability to contribute (a problem for both new and established team members, by the way). Another common cause: feeling pressure from others to conform to the will of the group and get behind an idea that has "consensus," often because the group itself feels pressure to demonstrate progress. And sometimes, people don't participate because they think the question at hand is unimportant or irrelevant...(register to read more)

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