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When a worker on the move jumps the gun

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in Workplace Communication,Workplace Conflict

As branch manager of one store in a chain of hardware outlets, you're responsible both for store operations and for deliveries to wholesale customers. Your best worker, Maisy, has made it clear to you she wants Homer's job. Homer does the accounting at your store. He doesn't mind Maisy's ambition, as he could easily shift to another store or even retire.

The real problem is that Maisy has been neglecting her present work to spend more of her time studying for the night school accounting courses she's taking in hope of moving up to Homer's position. In addition, she hangs around with Homer whenever he lets her, watching what he does, asking him questions and discussing various accounting issues raised by particular customers and situations.

The other members of your team are unhappy about Maisy's work habits, and have sent Roseanne as a spokeswoman to complain to you about her. "When Maisy doesn't do her share," Roseanne tell...(register to read more)

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