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Even legal marijuana takes a hit among co-workers

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in HR Management,Human Resources

Regardless of marijuana’s legal status, 46% of U.S. workers would lose confidence in colleagues who smoke pot on their own time. That’s according to a new poll by Workplace Options, a wellness consulting firm.

“What these poll results show is a workforce concerned about having to pick up the slack for a co-worker who may not be operating at full capacity,” said Dean Debnam, the company’s CEO. “Employees are wary of the thought that their co-workers can get high after work and come in and function with no impact on their performance.”

The poll results were consistent even among residents of the 16 states that have decriminalized recreational marijuana use. Other survey findings:

  • 36% of workers said someone they worked with used marijuana
  • 40% reported knowing a friend or co-worker who missed work due to marijuana or other drug use
  • One in 12 workers said they have used marijuana within 12 hours of the start of their workday.

The poll results show a significant divide between young workers and those over the age of 30 when it comes to marijuana use and workplace productivity. Seventy percent of Millennials reported they would not lose confidence in a co-worker they knew to be using marijuana outside the workplace.

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