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Older workers and younger managers

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in Workplace Communication,Workplace Conflict

The recent movie "In Good Company" features a successful baby-boomer manager who, after his company's buyout, finds himself working for a hotshot—a Gen-Y up-and-comer young enough to be his son. This being a movie, of course, trouble follows. But what happens in real life? Experts say that reports of conflict between older workers and younger managers are greatly exaggerated—but generation gaps do create issues that both sides need to address. Here are some questions to ask:

Who cares? Whether you're an older worker or a younger manager, you have to ask this question earnestly. The answer may surprise you.

Surveys suggest, for example, that the oldest members of the workforce—people nearing retirement—have less trouble with younger managers than do boomers, that the youngest workers are more insecure with managers their own age than with older bosses, and that generational conflicts are just as common, and may be more commo...(register to read more)

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