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When a family atmosphere gets a bit out of hand

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in Leaders & Managers,Management Training

You're the operations supervisor of a plant in a rural area where people know each other well, and you and your people enjoy the friendly atmosphere that prevails on the plant floor. The problem is, some people have been taking advantage of that atmosphere. And they aren't even employees.

Johnny is the teenage son of one of your top technicians, Ron, and he often comes by with his friends to visit his dad at the start of the evening shift. Other relatives and friends also pass through occasionally, dropping off forgotten meals or dealing with small emergencies. But Johnny & Co. like to make the rounds, visiting with employees about their daily doings while coordinating their evening plans and making cell-phone calls in a flurry of animated chatter.

It's an amusing show for most of the workers, who dote on the bunch. Johnny's dad is proud that his son is so close to him. And you haven't heard any complaints: The young peopl...(register to read more)

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