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When a team member won’t trust her instincts

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in Leaders & Managers,Management Training

You're an enthusiastic manager of the new school, which means you do everything you can to encourage your team members to be self-starters and make decisions on their own. But ever since Lana came on board, you're wondering if the old "do as you're told" management strategy didn't have something to recommend it.

Lana's a good worker with skills that your team needs, or else you wouldn't have hired her. And you figured since she's younger than the rest of your team—and has a college degree, which most of your other people don't—she wouldn't need to be "retrained" to take the initiative when problems come up.

Yet it seems like she's in your office every two minutes asking, "What should I do about??" She knows perfectly well how to do her job, but getting her to trust her instincts has mostly been a waste of time. So you end up making decisions for her, which is bad enough.

What's worse is that it's causing resentment among the...(register to read more)

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