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Is your shining star a double agent?

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in Leaders & Managers,Management Training

When Dominic, your manager, calls you into his office with that "serious" expression on his face, you can't imagine what's up.

"Are you aware that Wanda has been seeing Blaine socially?"

"No," you answer truthfully, though this information doesn't surprise you. Blaine had been your team's shining star for more than five years before leaving six months ago to take an even better job with your chief competitor.

Fortunately, Wanda, a loyal and hard-working employee, had quickly taken his place as the star of the department. Thanks in no small measure to her efforts, sales are now higher than ever. You're not sure how Dominic knows about hers and Blaine's personal lives, but your boss is typically a straight shooter.

"You see the problem, don't you?" Dominic continues. "Because of her job, Wanda has access to all of our sales information, and she's right in the middle of our efforts to develop new sales campaigns, new marketing ...(register to read more)

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