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When extra efforts turn into extra work

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in Workplace Communication,Workplace Conflict

When your enterprise first announced it was moving to new, nicer digs, you were ecstatic. That is, until you realized how much effort you were expected to invest in working with the space planners to organize the new office build-out.

But after grumbling a little, you agreed it would be a useful experience. You worked closely with your team, planning the physical layout of workspaces, meeting rooms, copiers, printers, and so forth. Then you shared the plan with the facilities management team and forged a compromise between your team's requirements and the consultant's overall plan.

You proved so successful at this that your fellow team leaders began to ask you for guidance. Now you feel like you've gotten so caught up in your new role as a workspace expert that you're falling behind in your regular projects.

But Hans has problems, too. Explaining that he's extra busy with his regular work and some special projects, an hour a...(register to read more)

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