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What’s the best way to structure an admin team?

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Question: "How often does your admin team meet? Who are the team leaders, how are they selected, and how long do they serve?" - Carolyn, Executive Assistant

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Dona Carlisle August 16, 2017 at 10:07 am

Does anyone out there have a “pool”, if you will, of Admins who support the entire company? I don’t think my company uses admins to their fullest capabilities so I am looking at other possibilities for aligning the support staff so anyone in the company can call on them for help. As it is admins who have left have not always been replaced while others took on more than Admin duties/titles. As a result, we now only have 3 true Admins, 6 Coordinators and 1 Administrator, for a building of 500 people. There are some departments that have no one supporting them while there are others where the support person has 50 or more that they are ultimately called on to support. I’m just thinking there must be a better way to organize this.


Karen, Executive Assistant May 30, 2014 at 5:01 pm

We have approximately 20 admins, with various titles. Three years ago, we all began meeting on a quarterly basis, to share information, and to help determine if we are all consistent with processes. I was elected Chair of the group by the other admins, and since no one else wants the position, I have remained the Chair all three years. I’m responsible for setting the meetings up, preparing the agenda (asking for their input), and help to keep the meetings on track. I am also responsible for sending updates to the president of our organization, just to give him a feel for how the meetings are going. It is an open forum type meeting, and most have become very comfortable sharing with the group. No gossip or negative comments are allowed in these meetings.

In addition, those who are available, meet for lunch 1x month, just to visit on a personal level.

We recently had 3 new admin hires, so I went back through the minutes/notes of past meetings, and was able to bullet point many of the quick subjects that were tasks, but not necessarily processes. We all discussed, the 3 new admins took notes and asked questions. It was a great way to help them become quickly successful in their roles, and not have to worry about “am I doing this right?” This is a win-win scenario. The new admins win because they look knowledgeable to their bosses, and the organization wins by having admins familiar with surrounding early on in their hire.

I love having these meetings, as it brings us together as a team. Even though we all work in different areas, for different bosses, it’s great that we can all come together and positively influence each other. Our meetings have been very productive, and we have been instrumental making a few changes for the good of the organization.


Robin May 29, 2014 at 4:25 pm

Our admin team is made up of five people. We generally meet once a month (or less) to go over current and future issues. Our sub-admin team, records management, meets on-site once a week to review any upcoming projects and needs. We don’t rotate leadership but the agenda is shared for anyone on the team to list items they would like to discuss. We stay very informed and up-to-date on all issues in the office regardless of what department is affected. We have a wonderful and close-knit team. I like this because there is no “competition” or feeling of inadequacy.


Karen Deason, HR Coordinator & Assistant to Administrator May 29, 2014 at 4:24 pm

Our SALT (Support & Logistics Team) meets monthly and is led by our Administrator. It consists of the directors/coordinators of our HR, Accounting and Operations teams. Their sub-teams meet on their own schedule at their convenience. All supervisors also have a goal to meet one-on-one with their direct reports once a month. If something major comes up, we can always call a SALT meeting pretty quickly.


Judi Doremus, Executive Assistant May 29, 2014 at 4:15 pm

Our Admin Team generally meets monthly, but sub-committees may meet weekly to work on various port-wide admin initiatives throughout the year. I lead the team of 12, as I support our CEO and Board of Commissioners. This doesn’t rotate, but I’d be interested in hearing how other teams are structured.


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