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Mind those workplace manners!

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in Business Etiquette,Workplace Communication

In an ever-changing world of work, proper workplace etiquette never goes out of style. Here's some insight from expert Peter Post, as reported on Forbes.com:

Nice guys don't finish last. "Nice doesn't mean not being driven or not being aggressive," Post says. "Rather, being nice may well be the edge that makes you successful. ... Your ability to build relationships will be the key to your success."

Technology has no manners. It's the way you use that tech—whether it's the oldstyle desk phone or the cell phone, e-mail or BlackBerry—that reflects your approach to etiquette. Turn your devices off when they'll disturb the people around you, and remember that if you're using them in a public place, the messages you're sending should not be considered "private."

The single most important thing ... is being on time. "Being late doesn't show how important you are," says Post. "Instead, it is the mark of a person who, at the least, is disorganized or, at worst, is disrespectful of the people he or she is meeting."

And the biggest mistake people make is ... Acting disrespectfully: "Interrupting someone, not introducing someone, not including a person in a conversation, whispering, talking in front of a co-worker in a language the co-worker doesn't know, taking personal credit for work a team did, acting like you're the boss of your co-workers when you're not."

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