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When a moody manager puts you under pressure

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in Workplace Communication,Workplace Conflict

Your boss, Craig, is an administrator who's respon­sible for several departments, including yours. You've worked together for some time, but now you're just about at the end of your rope. The problem? Craig's inconsistent moods.

On good days, Craig is fine. But on bad days, Craig is extremely critical of everyone's work—not just yours or your fellow team leaders, but your team members as well. And his criticisms tend to center on assumptions that people are out to hurt him, get him and make him look bad. When reports are late, it's because people are withholding them on purpose. When employees are making an effort to talk privately, they're "plotting some­thing." And so on.

All this is bad enough, as is Craig's tendency to "for­get" promises he's made to the team leaders or to change their proposals when they get submitted to upper man­agement. But the worst part of all for you is that Craig sees you as a confidante.

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