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Reining in workplace bullies

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in Leaders & Managers,Leadership Skills

One imagines that, as long as there have been workplaces, there have been bullies at work, just as there are bullies in other life settings. But workplace bullying has in recent years been the focus of vocal and highly organized campaigns to stop it, by passing new laws and building public awareness. (Check out bul­lybusters.org or the UK's bullyonline.org to learn more.) It's become a big and visible issue in many workplaces. Here's some advice for managers:

Maintain a detached attitude. Getting caught up in threats and counterthreats works to the bully's advantage. Teach workers to refuse to do what the bully wants. They might say: "I take my orders from [your name], not from you."

You might want to talk with employees who are most affected by the bullying behavior to point out the importance of denying a bully the satisfaction of getting his or her way.

If the team learns how to oppose bullying behavior, you'll greatly re...(register to read more)

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