Tips for an office makeover

Most of our workspaces are homely, not homey. But we spend more of our waking hours at work than at home, and workplace design has been shown to influence performance and productivity. Here’s advice from the experts:

Furniture. The most important piece of furni­ture is not your desk, but your chair. Make sure it’s adjustable and offers lower back support. If possi­ble, create a space for meeting with employees that doesn’t require you to sit behind your desk.

Lighting. Nothing says “office!” more strongly than overhead fluorescent lighting. For more natu­ral and attractive light, consider removing half the fluorescent bulbs—or at least the ones right over your desk—and getting a regular incandescent floor or desk lamp.

Color. “Neutral” doesn’t have to mean “white.” If you can’t do anything about the wall or carpet color, an easy and inexpensive way to add color is with an area rug. Or keep fresh flow­ers in your office.

Artwork and accessories. Your workspace should reflect your personality without being too distracting. Try to have at least one piece of art­work in your office that you like and that isn’t work-related.