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Keep bereavement leave policies up-to-date

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in Centerpiece,FMLA Guidelines,Human Resources

leave request formAlthough there’s no federal requirement to offer employees time off after the death of a loved one, many businesses do it anyway. Before long, however, those voluntary policies could become law.

Oregon legislators in January en­­acted the first-ever state law requiring employers to offer bereavement leave. California’s Legislature has passed several bills to require businesses to grant employee requests for bereavement leave, but governors so far have vetoed those efforts.

And Congress may consider a proposal to amend the 21-year-old FMLA to include the death of a child, so a parent who suffers such a loss may take up to 12 weeks off without fear of losing his or her job.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that 63% of U.S. workers are eligible for paid funeral leave. Hospitality and food services businesses are the least likely to offer it, while public utilities are the most likely. Large organizations are more likely...(register to read more)

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