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A new hire can’t let go of old habits

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in Leaders & Managers,People Management

Over the last five years, you and your team have devel­oped new procedures, implemented a complex and evolving IT system and built a strong can-do team spirit. The workload is growing fast, so you hired a new employee to focus on technology tasks and issues.

Wendy came highly recommended from a similar job at a different enterprise. In her first few weeks, you patiently showed Wendy all the tasks she needed to master. She seemed willing and clever, but her work showed far more errors than you expected. So you asked Nancy, an accomplished team member, to help Wendy. But then Wendy's performance got even worse.

After examining her work in more detail, you real­ized Wendy was still following procedures from her previous job. Your systems are entirely different, so this creates many problems. And you frequently overhear Wendy reminiscing to others about her prior company's computer system being better.

After a month, Nancy said,...(register to read more)

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